At THB Regional, we offer extensive coverage for both private and commercial aircraft and helicopters. Our services cater to individual owners as well as companies within the aviation and industrial sectors. Our solutions encompass protection against total or partial hull loss and include Civil Liability coverage, addressing damages incurred by third parties. This policy covers passengers, cargo, and baggage, as well as third parties on the ground. Additionally, we provide comprehensive coverage for Aeronautical Personal Accidents, ensuring the safety of the crew.



Our extensive network connects us with international insurance and reinsurance markets, enabling us to identify emerging programs worldwide. Leveraging our strong relationships with our providers, we supply cedents and retrocessors with capacity, guidance, pricing, and consultancy, empowering them to offer these programs through their distribution channels.

This category encompasses diverse coverages, including Price Differential, Extended Care, Protected Purchase, Unemployment, Post-Divorce, Travel Assistance, and Personal Accident (Broken Bones, Extended Warranty, etc.).

Construction & Engineering


Commonly referred to as All Risks Coverage (CAR/EAR), this service protects against property damage incurred throughout the construction of architectural or civil engineering projects. Typically, these policies are temporary, aligning with the project’s duration. If required, we can provide floater insurance for professional installers.

Beyond safeguarding the construction site, construction insurance can extend coverage to include construction equipment and machinery, encompassing items such as scaffolding, worker’s huts, tools, cranes, excavators, and compressors. Additionally, this insurance may cover the personal possessions of employees and workers, expenses associated with debris removal, firefighting, overtime, urgent shipments in cases of loss, and damages to pre-existing property.

Cyber Risks


SMEs (Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises)

In today’s digital landscape, cybercrime no longer discriminates by targeting only governments and large corporations. Roughly half of all cyber-attacks target SMEs because they are considered easy targets, often unprotected due to the mistaken belief that they’re not valuable to cyber-criminals.

Therefore, it’s not a question of “if” but “when” a company will encounter a cyber-attack. The repercussions can be severe, affecting operations, finances, and reputation. It’s essential to have insurance that provides coverage against cyber threats, including malware, exploits, DDos, and ransomware.


At THB Regional, we provide comprehensive cyber risk coverage to assist our clients in assessing and managing these evolving threats. Our services encompass damages to third parties, incident management, investigative services, notification to affected parties, direct or proprietary losses, harm to the company, legal support for domain theft and defamation cases, data recovery costs, compensation for losses and expenses arising from cyber-attacks, and containment of potential reputational crises, among other vital services.


Home and Personal Cybersecurity

In our modern world, technology enriches our daily lives, bringing convenience and connection. However, this digital era also poses substantial risks, such as online fraud, identity theft, data loss due to technical mishaps, or the unlawful exposure of personal information.


Protecting yourself against these cyber threats is vital. While vigilance and awareness are your first defense, even the most cautious individuals are never entirely risk-free. Cyberattacks continue to evolve in sophistication.


Here is where cybersecurity coverages play a crucial role in mitigating the risk and providing a safety net against these growing threats, offering peace of mind for your digital life.


The Rise of Smart Homes
The concept of a smart home is on the rise, allowing you to digitize and automate various aspects of your daily life, from lighting to appliances. However, as the technology advances, so do the risks. Cyberattacks targeting smart home systems are becoming more frequent. It’s essential to safeguard your smart home setup and protect your digital haven.



Given the continuous evolution of energy sources, at THB Regional, we stay informed about market conditions to offer high-quality solutions in various segments. These segments include exploration and production, transportation and storage, distribution, and marketing of conventional and renewable energy sources.


Our protection extends to potential threats against physical assets, such as facilities, equipment, and machinery. It also includes coverage for economic damages brought by physical harm that leads to operation disruptions. You can choose from “All Risk” coverage or comprehensive and emerging Liability coverage.


Some examples of the activities we protect include Hydroelectric Generation, Thermal Generation, Wind Generation, Solar Generation, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Gas Pipelines, Oil Pipelines, Chemical Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Pulp and Paper Plants, and Oil and Gas Storage Terminals.

Financial Lines


In today’s complex and fast-paced financial and commercial environment, companies face an elevated risk of experiencing more substantial losses due to emerging criminal activities. White-collar crimes have overshadowed traditional threats like theft and robbery. The main focus is on cybercrime, which mainly impacts a company’s or financial institution’s clients. Various categories of crimes coexist, and they are no longer limited to a specific industry or business size.


For this reason, at THB Regional, we’ve designed exhaustive coverage that adapts to these new criminal forms without neglecting traditional attacks. We’ve established a program divided into sections, encompassing typical crimes like Employee Dishonesty, Embezzlement, Forgery, Computer Fraud, Theft, Errors and Omissions, Directors’ and Officers’ Liability, as well as more sophisticated coverages like Internet Hacking, Social Engineering, Cyber Frauds, Extortion, and others.

Health, Life, and Personal Accidents


Our coverage for Life and Health is designed with the well-being of your family in mind during difficult times, providing financial security and peace of mind for the future. This category offers diverse coverage options, including Group Life, Debt Balance Life, Personal Accident/Illness, Awarded Life, Medical Expenses, Personal Accidents and Medical Expenses, Catastrophic Life, and Temporary Life.


The Life coverage ensures compensation for death, illness, or accidents, with additional benefits for accidental deaths. It also covers total and permanent disability resulting from sickness or an accident. This versatile coverage applies to any individual and can also apply to groups of people.

Additionally, our Health coverage safeguards the insured against incurred and potential medical expenses arising from severe illnesses, surgical procedures, and transplants. This coverage can include provisions for daily hospitalization benefits, transportation, and accommodation expenses incurred by a family member due to the insured’s hospitalization.

Furthermore, our Personal Accident product provides coverage for bodily injuries sustained in accidents and accidental fatalities, whether they occur in a personal or professional capacity. We extend to various activities, including professional athletes and high-risk hobbies like diving, skiing, mining, and more.

Liability Insurance


The exposure of businesses to Liability risks is intricate and continually evolving. Our protection offers comprehensive coverages designed to accommodate the demands of this dynamic legal landscape.

At THB Regional, we provide extensive coverage options, including Clinical Trials, Environmental Liability, Product Liability, Spectator Liability, Public Officials’ Liability, Automobile Liability, Product Recall, and Contaminated Product Insurance.

Professional Liability


Legal actions against institutions and professionals have become more frequent and severe. Professional Liability insurance is vital for protecting and sustaining a professional career.


Our insurance shields a professional’s assets when they need to respond to a claim or lawsuit initiated by a client. Such claims typically stem from civil liability resulting from acts, actions, or omissions that occurred with fault or negligence during the course of their profession.


Our coverage extends to various categories, including Directors and Officers, Lawyers, Architects and Engineers, Insurance Agents and Brokers, Medical Practitioners, Reinsurance Agents and Brokers, Investment Management, and Liability Insurance for Investment Advisors. We provide comprehensive protection tailored to the dynamic legal landscape, ensuring professionals against evolving risks.

Marine Hull & Cargo


We design our coverage to protect against the inherent risks of navigation that can impact various vessels, including sailboats, speedboats, boats, self-propelled boats, non-self-propelled boats (such as dredges, floating cranes, flatboats, etc.), and other means of water transport.


We protect a range of significant navigation risks, including total vessel loss, shipwrecks, collisions, fires, natural events, etc. For cargo, we cover damage to goods transported by air, land, or sea. This coverage initiates when the transporting vehicle, loaded with goods, begins its journey from the agreed-upon location and remains in effect throughout the standard course of transportation, encompassing regular stops, demurrage, and transfers. The coverage concludes upon the vehicle’s arrival at its final destination.
Our product extends to various risks, such as Port Terminals, Marine Liability, Shipbuilding, Carriers’ Liability, Protection and Indemnity, and Legal Liability for Ship Repair Shops.



We design our property insurance product to compensate the policyholder for direct physical losses their owned property sustains. The coverage can also include protection for machinery breakdown, business interruption (loss of profits), access interruptions, interdependence, and extensions for customers and suppliers.
We offer comprehensive coverage for various risks, including Fire and Allied Risks, Operational All Risks, Transmission Outages, All Risk Contractor’s Equipment, Electronic Equipment, Machinery Breakdown, Business Interruption, Strike, Riot, and Civil Commotion.

Contingency & Special Risks


Contingencies and Special Risks insurance covers a broad and diverse range of scenarios where the unexpected is always possible. Think of it as a “hole-in-one” in golf – a rare, almost miraculous event – similarly, contingency insurance shields against financial losses when unforeseen circumstances threaten planned events.


Our coverage is extensive and adaptable, encompassing contingencies associated with event disruptions, including suspensions, cancellations, abandonments, and non-appearances, whether for musical, cultural, recreational events and more.


Additionally, our services go beyond event-related contingencies and include coverage for trip cancellations, exceeding gift budgets due to the success of a marketing campaign, bonuses or rewards for team achievements (such as promotions or qualifications), individual recognitions (e.g., elite athletes reaching milestones), identity protection, kidnapping and ransom, political risk, equestrian, livestock, and pet insurance, catastrophic home protection, as well as coverage for reputational risks.



Our Specie coverage is a specialized product designed to safeguard high-value assets, including cash, bullion, diamonds, fine art, important documents, and even cryptocurrencies.


The coverage applies whether the assets are on-site, at third-party locations, or in transit.


The primary risks insured are potential loss or damage due to natural disasters like fire, floods, windstorms, and theft or physical harm.


This coverage extends to various valuable items, including bullion and refined precious metals, ore during transportation to refineries, secure storage in bullion banks, cash and valuables in armored transport, and a wide range of works of art, such as manuscripts, ceramics, historical artifacts, textiles, books, and more. We’ve also expanded our coverage to include cryptocurrencies, addressing the increasingly significant risk in this emerging digital asset space.



An act of terrorism comprises a single or a series of actions, which may involve the use of force or violence, executed by an individual or a group of individuals, whether acting independently or on behalf of, or in affiliation with, any organization(s). Individuals carry out these actions with political, religious, or ideological motives, aiming to influence government policies or instill fear in the general public. Additionally, it includes acts of sabotage and subversion, or a sequence of such activities conducted for political, religious, or ideological objectives to influence a government’s actions or create fear in the public for similar reasons.


We design our insurance protection to address financial losses or physical damage arising from one or more of these acts.