24 de mayo de 2023

THB Regional creó un equipo exclusivo para Financial Lines & Cyber


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07 de diciembre de 2022

“THB Regional designó a sus nuevos CEO y COO”


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10 de marzo de 2022

Escasea el reaseguro para los negocios chicos y medianos


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22 de febrero de 2022

Entrevista a Verónica Dannemann y Rodrigo Dodd “Trayectoria y una importante asociación”


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21 de febrero de 2022

“SRC Re Corredor de Reaseguros es asociado oficial de Amwins Global Risks”


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04 de mayo de 2020

Entrevista a Verónica Dannemann “Podemos trabajar en forma remota desde cualquier parte del mundo”


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Regulatory Entities

SNN Argentina | National Superintendency of Insurance - Registration No. 73

The National Superintendency of Insurance (SSN) operates as a decentralized public entity under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy and Production.

Its primary mission is to oversee insurance and reinsurance organizations in Argentina, ensuring a financially sound, stable, and efficient marketplace that safeguards the interests of policyholders.

The SSN is responsible for authorizing the establishment of new entities and ensuring compliance with prevailing regulations. Additionally, it conducts market research, assessment, regulatory oversight, and inspection activities concerning insurance operators. Furthermore, it offers information and guidance to policyholders.

Banco Central de Paraguay - Registration No. 113

Peroni, Sosa, Telechea, Burt & Narvaja Abogados
J. Eulogio Estigarribia 4846, Asunción, Paraguay

José Luis Vega Meza
T +595 21 319 9558

Corporate Social Responsibility

At THB Regional, we have a passionate commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and our society. As part of this commitment, we actively collaborate with the following organizations:

Red Viva Foundation

UNICEF reports that one out of five girls and one out of thirteen boys experience abuse. Our vision is to create a society where children and adolescents can fully exercise their rights and relish one of life’s most vibrant and joyous phases.


That’s why we proudly support the Red Viva Foundation. Established and led by Sara Barni in 2015, Red Viva brought together individuals who have encountered the legal system in Argentina due to allegations of violence or sexual abuse, whether in their own lives or their children’s. They work diligently to fortify the sector by fostering collaborations with local and national stakeholders. On various occasions, they have also partnered with other countries, pursuing the common goal of championing the rights of children and adolescents.


If you want to learn more about this organization and how you can contribute, please visit Together, we can make a difference.


ReforestArg is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and encouraging society to participate in the restoration of our depleted native forests.


Our company goal is to plant our very own forest by 2032! Through our modest efforts, we aim to contribute to mitigating the pressing social, climate, and biodiversity challenges we face.


Did you know that the carbon footprint per person in Argentina averages 5 tons of CO2 annually? To learn more about carbon footprints and how to reduce them, visit

Proyecto 4 Patas

Proyecto 4 Patas (P4P) (P4P) is a non-profit civil association committed to advocating for and safeguarding the rights of our beloved four-legged companions and other animals that coexist in our world.


At THB Regional, we proudly support this organization because we wholeheartedly share their values and beliefs. We firmly believe in the intrinsic worth of animals and their right to a life free from harm, as they, like us, possess the capacity to experience joy, pain, and suffering. We vehemently oppose any form of animal exploitation.


We understand that every contribution, regardless of its size, holds the potential to make a profound difference in an animal’s life. If you would like to learn more about how to donate, please visit Your support can truly save lives.

Encontrarse en la Diversidad

A thriving society cherishes diversity as a source of enrichment and empowerment. Encontrarse en la Diversidad, a foundation with over 15 years of experience, has actively engaged in workshops, seminars, and thought-provoking sessions on Diversity, Inclusion, and Non-Discrimination.


Through our collaboration with this organization, we aim to extend the reach of these initiatives, ensuring they remain accessible and free for participation across various educational institutions.


To delve deeper into the foundation’s work, we invite you to visit their website at