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The Origins of Lloyd’s

With a history dating back to a coffee house in the heart of London, Lloyd’s has its roots in the establishment owned by Edward Lloyd. The London Gazette officially documented its existence in February 1688.


Lloyd’s Coffee House quickly became a hub for seafarers, particularly merchants looking to underwrite ship insurance and facilitate the transportation of goods. During the 17th century, the concept of modern insurance companies as we know them today had not yet taken shape. Instead, private individuals assumed personal responsibility for guaranteeing or “insuring” commercial risks.


Edward Lloyd’s establishment offered valuable written materials and reliable shipping information, swiftly earning a reputation as the go-to place for maritime insurance. Even after Edward Lloyd’s passing in 1713, the coffee house remained a convenient meeting spot for merchants to hold informal gatherings related to business, insurance, and other matters.


Today, the name Lloyd’s is internationally synonymous with the insurance industry. As a preeminent underwriting company, it is renowned for its extensive spectrum of insurance offerings and the unmatched security that underlies its policies. Edward Lloyd could hardly have foreseen the global prestige that his name would ultimately attain.