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We are a multinational reinsurance brokerage company founded in 1999. Based in Buenos Aires and Montevideo, we offer intermediation services for risk transfer in Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Paraguay.


In 2022, we solidified our 15-year of business relationship by officially partnering with Amwins Global Risks – formerly known as THB London. Amwins Global Risks is the international brokerage arm of Amwins Group, one of the largest insurance distributors in the United States.


This strategic alliance has expanded our growth platform, enhancing and fortifying the services we provide to our clients. Furthermore, it connects us with Amwins Global Risks partners across Latin America who proudly maintain the THB brand.

While we can’t predict the future, we can certainly manage risk effectively to minimize potential losses or damages to assets and individuals. Leveraging decades of experience and an efficient management system, we consistently deliver the best coverage and cost-effective solutions available in the market.


Our commitment to value addition is unwavering. Certainty and efficiency are the cornerstones driving our relentless pursuit of improvement. Our work approach is rooted in precision, ethics, and professionalism.

We assist in transferring your company’s risks by presenting the best protection alternatives, ensuring certainty in the face of uncertainty, and providing financial compensation in case of potential losses.


With more than 35 years of experience in the insurance and reinsurance industry, Rodrigo has assumed diverse roles. In 1999, he founded SRC Re – now THB Regional – following his representation agreement with London Special Risks Ltd., a Lloyd’s broker.


Rodrigo is known for his pragmatic and results-driven approach to shaping the global company strategy. His unwavering commitment and tangible contributions serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for the entire team in achieving common goals.


Currently, Rodrigo is Chairman of the Boards of THB Regional and THB Uruguay, a reinsurance consulting company. He is also a partner in Blue Ribbon Technology, a company dedicated to technology solutions for the insurance and reinsurance sector.

Rodrigo Dodd

With over 20 years of professional experience, Verónica is the visionary behind THB Regional. She restructured the organization to create a dynamic team that enhances adaptability. Her expertise in change management ensures the company’s long-term success. Her focused leadership style fosters genuine relationships built on respect and trust. Due to her unwavering commitment to excellence, she achieved ISO 9001 Certification for 15 consecutive years.


Currently, Verónica is the Vice Chairman on the boards of Thompson, Heath & Bond S.A. (THB Regional) and Strategic Reinsurance Consulting S.A. (THB Uruguay). She also chairs Blue Ribbon Technology Ltd., a software provider for reinsurance intermediaries, where her logical thinking and ingenuity have been instrumental in the development of WitWorks.


Beyond her career, Verónica is a dedicated mother to four independent and empowered daughters.

Verónica Dannemann

AmWins Global Risks, formerly known as THB London, is a renowned specialist in international insurance, reinsurance, and risk management. From its London headquarters, it runs one of the largest and most successful Lloyd’s broking operations in the specialty market sector. With a global network of offices, strategic partnerships, and local expertise, AmWins Global Risks serves clients, markets, and spheres of interest on every continent.


As part of AmWins Group Company, the largest specialty insurance wholesale distributor in the United States, they have the resources needed to meet their client’s most demanding requirements. Most importantly, AmWins Global Risks upholds the core values of integrity and entrepreneurship upon which THB Regional was founded.


All their international operations in Latin America and Asia proudly retain the THB brand as part of the Amwins Group family.

Board of Directors

Rodrigo Dodd


Verónica Dannemann



Mario Avio assumed the role of CEO at THB Regional in September 2022. With over 25 years of experience in the LATAM P&C market, he strongly focuses on Corporate and Specialty Risks. He offers an in-depth skill set in Underwriting, Operations, Compliance, Distribution, Claims, and Reinsurance.


Before joining THB Regional, Mario held executive positions at AIG, leading Liabilities underwriting for Latin America and Commercial Lines for the Southern Cone Hub. He later served as Chief Underwriter Officer at QBE (Chief Underwriter Officer).


Most recently, he was Chief Operating Officer (COO) of WTW Argentina, leading the Inclusion and Diversity Committee and the Innovation Committee.

Mario Avio

Chief Executive Officer

Maria Sol Velez is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of THB Regional. Sol joined the company in 2009 and has held various positions since then. Initially, she worked in the claims area, then became head of the Back Office, where she was in charge of consolidating and managing a team capable of maintaining the company’s standards and values.

In 2021, she was appointed Administration and Operations Manager, where she led and inspired the team to ensure the smooth running of all operations. After an outstanding journey and professional development within the company, she assumed the position of COO in September 2022.

María Sol Velez

Chief Operations Officer

Melina Royo is the CCO of THB Regional. With more than 25 years of experience in the reinsurance business, she joined the company in March 2019 as a Senior Executive. Previously, Melina worked for different companies that provided her with diverse knowledge and expertise in the market. 


In her early career, she spent more than ten years at Guy Carpenter and later at Zurich Re, where she handled claims, specialized in the placement of Property, Aviation, and Financial Institutions facultative risks, and finally took charge of Facultative Management.


In 2012, she worked as Technical Manager at Nación Reaseguros S.A., underwriting automatic and facultative contracts. Before joining THB Regional, she worked for two years at Lockton Corredores de Reaseguros S.A.

Melina Royo

Chief Commercial Officer


Eric Cameron

Head Financial Lines & Cyber


Natalia Roldán

Senior Broker – FI – Professional Risks


Lucas Wilson

Senior Broker – Financial Lines & Cyber

THB - Nicolas Eriksson_web

Nicolás Eriksson

Senior Broker – Property & Casualty

THB - Martin Zarlenga_web

Martín Zarlenga

Senior Broker – Energy & Construction

THB - Desiree Soules_web

Desiree Soules

Broker – Financial Lines & Cyber

THB - Gonzalo Sanz_web

Gonzalo Sanz

Junior Broker

Eliana Molina is the Administration Manager of THB Regional. She joined the team in July 2021, initially as Head of International Administration, and later assumed her current role in September 2022.


Eliana oversees all aspects of administration, including accounting, taxation, legal, and institutional matters. Her role is vital in ensuring the efficient performance of our administrative functions.


Prior to joining THB Regional, Eliana gained valuable experience as a Senior Administrative Accounting Analyst at Grupo Insud. She holds a degree in Public Accounting and brings extensive expertise in administration, accounting, and finance to our team.

Eliana Molina

Administration Manager

THB - Macarena Cot_web

Macarena Cot

Senior Administrative Accounting Analyst

THB - Paula Alcober_web

Paula Alcober

Senior Administrative Accounting Analyst


Romina Pettigiani

Back-Office Supervisor

THB - Cristian Galati_web

Cristian Galati

Back Office

THB - Sabrina Tavera_web

Sabrina Tavera

HR & Communications Analyst

THB - Valeria Gomez_web

Valeria Gomez

Senior Claims Analyst

THB - Patricia Lugo_web

Patricia Lugo

Treasury Analyst

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  1. With the representation of Lloyd’s broker, London Special Risks, Rodrigo Dodd founded Special Risks Consultants (SRC Re), now THB Regional.

  2. We developed significant business relationships with PWS, an insurance and reinsurance investment company. We increased our ability to place financial line risks.

  3. We obtained ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management and Control Certification from LRQA Lloyd’s Quality Assurance, which we maintained for 14 consecutive years.

  4. We began our digital transformation by implementing WitWorks, a comprehensive software for reinsurance management.

  5. We rebranded our logo and all communication materials.
    Our corporate color changed from maroon to blue.

  6. One of our providers, Thompson, Heath & Bond (THB) – now Amwins Global Risks – was acquired by Amwins, one of the largest insurance distributors in the United States.

  7. We signed a strategic agreement with THB, now Amwins Global Risks, our primary provider and leading Lloyd’s brokers.

  8. We achieved the No. 1 position in the ranking of Argentine brokers.

  9. We expanded our commercial reach and obtained the license to operate in Paraguay.

  10. We solidified our digital transformation, transitioning into a cloud-based company. Our expansion continued, and we successfully acquired a license to operate in Bolivia.

  11. We secured authorization to start operations in Ecuador, enabling collaboration with our peers at THB Ecuador.

  12. We celebrated our 20th anniversary! A monumental year! Honoring this milestone, we formulated a fresh communication strategy to enhance our digital presence.

  13. Amwins revealed the rebranding of THB: its international brokerage division based in London is now known as Amwins Global Risks. Nevertheless, its affiliated firms in Latin America continue to operate under the THB brand.

  14. Following a 15-year-long business relationship, we formalized our partnership with Amwins Global Risks and initiated a complete rebranding: SRC Re, Special Risks Consultants S.A., transformed into THB Regional, Thompson, Heath & Bond S.A.

THB Network

THB is a global company with reinsurance and insurance offices in key Latin American and Asian countries. In THB Regional, we are part of and collaborate with a broad network of Latin American affiliates, including:


  • THB Chile
  • THB Ecuador
  • THB Brasil
  • THB Colombia
  • THB México


We use WitWorks, a cloud-based reinsurance management software that empowers us to digitize our entire operation and work remotely from anywhere in the world.


To learn more about the software, please visit: https://witworks.cloud/en/